Frequently Asked Questions

This is a pretty nifty idea. Where'd the name "folios" come from?

Brooks Jensen, publisher of the very beautiful Lenswork Magazine, came up with the folio concept and name many years ago and discussed it on his website. He also talked about it, along with his edition numbering scheme, in detail on the Luminous Landscape Video Journal Issue 16. Unfortunately there was no source of ready-made covers for photographers, so we launched Dane Creek Folio Covers to fill the need.

Brooks has also released a DVD workshop that goes into detail on how to design and build your folio project.

Do you have a template for laying out the folio window image?

You bet! You can download a Photoshop template for the window image by clicking here.

Do your covers really only hold 10 pages? Can I score the folds myself?

The number of pages the folios can hold varies depending on the thickness of paper used. 10 pages is a rough estimate based on our experience using very thick papers. With Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta (410 µm) 12 pages will fit in the folio. With a thinner paper, like Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk (315 µm), 15 pages will fit.

The folios come pre-scored for all folds, but if you want to make room for more sheets one option is to omit the matboard. Without matboard a cover can hold 15 pages of Hahnemuhle FA Baryta or 20 pages of Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk. Remember that one of those pages would be used to create the front window image, so you'd wind up with 14 or 19 actual image sheets in your package.

To determine the thickness of your paper you can download our Inkjet Paper List and look at the Thickness column.

What kind of paper are the covers made from? Are they archival?

Charcoal, Chocolate Truffle, Midnight Blue, and Haute Red covers are cut from Royal Complements 100 lb. acid- and lignin-free paper manufactured with 30% recycled post-consumer fiber. The paper is also Green Seal™ and Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Eclipse Black covers are cut from Mohawk Loop 110 lb. acid-free paper manufactured with 50% recycled post-consumer fiber. The paper is also made carbon neutral, and is Green Seal™ and Forest Stewardship Council certified.

What kind of matboard do you use? Is it archival?

The matboard is Crescent Select in the Jet Black colour for Charcoal, Chocolate Truffle, and Midnight Blue covers. If you order Winter Wheat with matboard it comes with either White Elephant, Off White, or White Sands matboard (depending on availability). The matboard is acid- and lignin-free. The face, core, and backing paper is made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose.

What's the deal with the "without matboard" option?

Each folio needs a piece of matboard inside to provide rigidity and to provide a nice finished interior. Most people should order the "with matboard" option to get pre-cut mat pieces along with the cover for easy assembly. However, some photographers already have matboard and mat cutting tools around for framing photographs. If you fall into this category and don't mind cutting your own pieces of matboard to size, feel free to order the "without matboard" version.

Do you offer discounts for large quantity purchases?

If you are interested in purchasing 50 or more folios in a single purchase contact us to discuss quantity discounts.

Do you have other sizes besides 8.5x11"?

Not at the moment, and given the low demand for other sizes we are unlikely to offer additional sizes in the forseeable future. If you are printing on A4 paper we've heard from several customers that the folios work well if you trim a small amount of the long width of the paper.